Bulldog of the Week

Lt. Col. Corey M. Spencer / Paul Cruz
When the tough gets going, bulldogs don't quit. When faced with threatening challenges to the information technical support mission, neither did Paul Cruz. His steadfastness earned him selection as Afghanistan Engineer District-South's Bulldog of the Week, Jan. 1-7.

Cruz, a contracted network technician in the South District's Information Technology Division (J6), was invaluable in shoring up mission gaps within J6. During logistical shortages, Cruz single-handedly facilitated all aspects of shipping and receiving computer equipment. His ability to support mission critical equipment movement in and out of the airlift system was important to technical support throughout the South District's area of responsibility.

Although it meant working some 14- to 18-hour days, Cruz still maintained his printer service and helpdesk support to ensure the mission accomplishment through timely service and support.

"People are the mission, and information technology supports the people." said Air Force Col. Benjamin Wham, South District commander. "Because of dedicated technical professionals like Paul Cruz, we are able to move forward with "warp speed" toward mission success. I'm proud to have him on our team."