Bulldog of the Week

Hugh Coleman with the Bulldog (center) and Deputy District Commander Lt. Col. Corey Spencer, left. (USACE Photo/Brenda Beasley)
Bulldogs can carry a lot of weight on their broad shoulders—Hugh Coleman, this week's "Bulldog of the Week" at the Afghanistan Engineer District-South, assumed and carries the heavy responsibility of meeting with Afghan citizens in the Kandahar area to resolve real estate claims against the U.S. government.

Coleman, who works in the district real estate office, established weekly face-to-face meetings with Afghans who believe U.S. Forces have encroached on their land. The meetings require Coleman to travel to a gate at Kandahar Airfield where he can safely meet with the Afghans.

"Hugh took the initiative to start these face-to-face meetings," said Terry Rupe, Chief of Real Estate for the South District. "Meeting in person helps develop relationships with the Afghans, and often gets issues resolved in a less contentious manner. His work supports a key district mission task: to execute a real estate program that facilitates campaign plan success and protects and recognizes the rights of Afghan property ownership."

"Hugh is a great example of someone who takes the initiative and acts to solve problems and resolve issues," said Lt. Col. Corey Spencer, Deputy District Commander. "His willingness to take on the challenge of resolving real estate claims in a direct and effective manner makes him a great Bulldog of the Week."

Coleman deployed to Afghanistan from the Memphis District.