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Construction Quality Management for Contractors

The TAA District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in partnership with the Afghanistan Builders Association (ABA) offers the Construction Quality Management for Contractors Class (CQM-C) on a quarterly basis.

The mutual goal of the Contractor and the Government is to achieve a quality product, executed safely, on time, and within budget. Quality management succeeds through a partnership between the Contractor and the Government. The Contractor is responsible for the daily Quality Control (QC) of the work, while the Government through Quality Assurance (QA) ensures that the Contractor's Quality Control program is working effectively. Effective CQM-C supports worker pride, results in favorable recognition, and has the potential to increase the Contractor's profit margin.


The course offers prospective QC Managers/ Administrators the opportunity to satisfy the CQM-C training requirements specified in most USACE and NAVFAC construction contracts. This course must be taken and the final test must be passed by any person aspiring to be the QC Manager/Administrator or alternate. The course must be taken within 45 calendar days of the award of a construction contract. The Contractors Quality Control (CQC) requirements and the Governments Quality Assurance (QA) roles are reviewed. A course certificate will be awarded to those who satisfactory complete the training and pass the final exam. The certificate is valid for a five year period from the date of the class. At this time any person that needs to recertify must attend a class.


The course dates are as follows:

2014 - 2015 Training Schedule

ABA CQM Training

Contact the ABA for course information and registration.

TAA District Point of Contact:

TAA District Construction Quality Management for Contractors Course Manager

Kevin Sánchez