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For Immediate Release
Oct. 10, 2011
Contact: Karla Marshall, (540) 722-6263

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Afghanistan Engineer District-South finishes strong in September

Afghanistan Engineer District-South finishes strong in September
From the left: Mike Scarano, Hank Iarrusso, Nick Ash, Deborah Duncan, Bonnie Perry, Richard Horton, Ray Greenheck, Kathy Clemens, Adrian Gavins, Diedrie Hurd, Kim Robinson, Harry Shatto, Mark Jones, Lt. Col. Melody Charles, Vivian Coleman, John Perez and Betty Jo Spiering. (USACE Photo/Mark Ray)

KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan — The Afghanistan Engineer District-South finished strong in fiscal year 2011, awarding 45 contracts and placing almost $54 million in construction in September.

“The project management business process really worked for the district,” said Deborah Duncan the deputy district engineer for Programs and Project Management Division who returned to her home district in Winchester, Va., in early October. “I was concerned that the district would not be able to award some of the year-end requirements; funds were committed late in the year, requirements were changing and schedules left no time for normal rework.”

The project delivery teams were the keys to mission success — contracting, project management, office of counsel, the customers and resource management applied their collective experience and talents to accomplish the mission, Duncan said.

“Overall, we placed 1,108 contract awards for fiscal year 2011 at a total dollar value of $968,871,194,” said Bonnie Perry the South District’s chief of Contracting Branch. “This is nearly double our awards in fiscal year 2010, and the total dollar value of contracts increased by 154 percent over the previous year. I have an awesome staff, and the credit for this achievement belongs to them, to the district Resource Management Office and Office of Counsel.”

“The bottom line is that we have had a very successful year. It did not just happen this week. It started many months ago with great district leadership across the board and great effort on the part of everyone in the district,” said District Commander Air Force Col. Benjamin Wham.

“We had a great vision, worked with our customers to develop good solutions, and partnered with our contractors to resolve difficult issues and educate them about the USACE contracting process. And we could not have done it without the great support we received from our fellow USACE teammates at the Middle East District, the Transatlantic Division, and the Joint Program Integration Office, which works with U.S. Forces-Afghanistan,” Wham said.

While the Contracting Branch and others were working long hours to award new contracts, the district’s Construction and Engineering Division and field offices were keeping pace, ensuring that contractors were meeting milestones to complete projects. The district currently has 164 ongoing construction projects worth more than $2 billion. Construction placement measures how well the district is doing at completing projects. In fiscal year 2011, the South District placed $528 million worth of construction. This total amounted to $2.1 million of placement during the year for every single person working in the district, and was 87 percent of the scheduled placement for the year, a remarkable feat in the complex, difficult Afghan environment. The district placed $53.5 million of construction in September alone, according to Donny Davidson, Herat area engineer, who acted as the district’s chief of Construction Branch during September.

“We awarded almost all of the contracts we set out to award and with great value, and made great strides toward completing the projects we have on the books,” said Wham. “This end of year success exemplifies and demonstrates why the South District is so productive. Successfully executing our large and complex program is how this district keeps faith with our customers, the nation and the Afghan people. Our success this year will be a springboard to further excellence next year.”

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USACE’s Afghanistan Engineer District-South provides design and construction services throughout southern Afghanistan to support the International Security Assistance Force and U.S. Forces-Afghanistan. The work is carried out in Regional Commands South, Southwest and West with the goal of achieving counterinsurgency effects and bolstering the Afghan Government’s services to its people.

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