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Selecting a mascot to represent Afghanistan Engineer District-South meant identifying the attributes of our team members that make our district a great place to work. The bulldog naturally comes to mind as it is loyal, friendly, determined, and resilient. The bulldog has been a symbol of courage and strength for many years and the District team is comprised of many such men and women.

Each week we identify a team member who exemplifies the bulldog nature and feature that person on our website. We are proud of our District and proud of the work our team accomplishes every day. I salute our Bulldog of the Week.
— Col. Benjamin Wham

KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan —During his final week in command, Air Force Col. Benjamin Wham, the Afghanistan Engineer District-South commander, selected district Deputy Commander Army Lt. Col. Corey Spencer, district Command Sgt. Maj. Lorne Quebodeaux, and Executive Officer, Karen Anderson as the Bulldogs of the Week for July 8-13.

"As an Air Force officer commanding a Corps of Engineers district in a warzone, I had to have a very strong command team," said Wham. "Spence [Lt. Col. Spencer], the Sergeant Major [Quebodeaux] and Karen were absolutely critical to the success of our mission. Their recommendations and ideas helped me create an atmosphere where district employees were empowered and allowed to find creative solutions to the very real challenges inherent in working in a battle zone.

"Spence [Lt. Col. Spencer] is a consummate professional. He provided solid leadership to everyone in the district, especially the support staff. His engineering knowledge, attitude and tireless commitment to the district are exceptional," Wham continued.

"Sgt. Maj. Quebodeaux, likewise, was invaluable. He mentored the Soldiers and Airmen assigned to the district and led by example. He demonstrated to all of us a level of professionalism that inspired and motivated excellence," Wham continued.

"Finally, Karen did an outstanding job interpreting my intent and making things happen. She was always available, always willing to do the right thing and always had my back."

Wham said that he could not have asked for a better command staff and that because of them, he was able to focus on more than just managing the district. He got to get out in the field and "engineer"— inspect construction, identify solutions and solve problems.

"Commanders don't always get the luxury of working closely with the guys and gals who actually get the projects done. But Lt. Col. Spencer, Command Sgt. Maj. Quebodeaux and Karen Anderson made it possible for me to be closely engaged in construction and management of projects when necessary. I'm lucky to have had this team. They truly are bulldogs of the best kind," Wham said.

Upon completing his tour with the District July 12, Wham will redeploy to Charleston, S.C. where he will finish out his 26-year Air Force career.

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