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 8/3/2010  O&M Contract Awards for projects across Afghanistan   David Salazar
 8/2/2010  Contract Award for Police Station in Meymaneh   David Salazar
 7/13/2010  Col. Thomas Magness takes command of Corps of Engineers in Kabul   Paul Giblin
 3/3/2010  AED-N Partners With Afghanistan Investment Support Agency    Hank Heusinkveld
 3/3/2010  USACE helps develop next generation of Afghan Workers    Paul Giblin
 3/3/2010  Army Corps of Engineers seeks new office in remote Meymaneh   Paul Giblin
 2/23/2010  Army Corps of Engineers re-invent water towers in Afghanistan   Paul Giblin
 2/23/2010  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers meets growth at Afghan army base   Paul Giblin
 12/15/2009  Army Corps of Engineers reworks signs to support Afghan government   Paul Giblin
 12/14/2009  Army Corps of Engineers enforces pay guarantees for Afghan workers   Paul Giblin
 9/23/2009  9-11 Tribute   Linda Souza-Barney
 9/23/2009  Kiai Road - a Success Story   Ben Neely
 9/23/2009  Serving His Country   Glenn Jefferies
 9/23/2009  Local Nationals Receive Award   Maj Jeffery K. Jensen
 8/17/2009  The Growing Operations and Maintenance Mission in Afghanistan   Bruce J. Huffman
 8/17/2009  Clearing the Land   Joe Marek
 8/17/2009  Tightening the border in Kunar Province   Bruce J. Huffman

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