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 8/17/2009  A second Corps District activates in Afghanistan   Bruce J. Huffman
 7/20/2009  A candid interview with the Chief of Engineers   Bruce J. Huffman
 7/20/2009  Colonel Michael McCormick assumes command    Bruce J. Huffman
 7/20/2009  Qalaa House welcomes new dining facility   Joe Marek
 7/20/2009  Islam Qala Border Crossing Point Opens   Bruce J. Huffman
 6/18/2009  Innovative ideas for Gamberi Garrison   Bruce J. Huffman
 5/8/2009  AED, supporting tine PRT mission   Bruce J. Huffman
 5/8/2009  Construction surge in Gardez   Bruce J. Huffman
 4/16/2009  KPRO work improves quality of life   Brenda L. Beasley
 3/16/2009  Area Office focusses on constructing, mentoring   Brenda L. Beasley
 3/15/2009  OJT Program Builds Futures   Jack J. Pagano
 3/13/2009  Corps of Engineers honors wounded hero   Bruce J. Huffman
 3/1/2009  AED stands up Kandahar Program Office to handle project surge   Brenda L. Beasley
 2/27/2009  NMAA holds ribbon cutting   Bruce Huffman
 2/27/2009  "Demining" way saves lives   Brenda L. Beasley
 2/23/2009  AED hosts Industry Day for Contractors   Bruce J. Huffman
 2/10/2009  Bagram gets new storage upgrade   Brenda L. Beasley
 1/31/2009  AED Holds First Unit Olympics   Sgt. 1st Class Eric P. Hailston

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