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 1/27/2009  Story behind tan hardhat   Dave Stanton
 1/27/2009  Road project stretches from Kabul to Bagram   Bruce J. Huffman
 1/27/2009  Clean and Green environmentally impacts Gardez   Brenda L. Beasley
 11/4/2008  Deputy Chief of Engineers visits Afghanistan   Bruce J. Huffman
 10/17/2008  Partners seek O&M solutions   Brenda L. Beasley
 9/26/2008  Cadets receive on-the-job training   Brenda L. Beasley
 9/17/2008  CJTF101 Afghanistan holds Power and Water Conference in Kabul   Bruce J. Huffman
 8/7/2008  Afghanistan Engineer District Soldier receives Purple Heart Medal   Bruce J. Huffman
 7/28/2008  Lt. Gen. Van Antwerp visits Afghanistan, shares vision    Bruce J. Huffman
 7/28/2008  52nd Chief Engineer presents Meritorious Unit Commendation to AED   Bruce J. Huffman
 7/11/2008  Afghan Local Nationals, the road to quality   Bruce J. Huffman
 7/7/2008  Colonel Thomas E. O’Donovan assumes command    Bruce J. Huffman
 7/2/2008  Corps builds Afghan National Civil Order Police compound in Lashkar Gah   Bruce J. Huffman
 7/2/2008  Corps of Engineers trains Afghans on crane safety   Bruce J. Huffman
 5/5/2008  Engineer Celebrates 40 Years of Service   Bruce J. Huffman
 3/25/2008  An eco-friendly solution for Afghan Soldiers    SSG David Waddell,
 2/20/2008  Now they're cooking with gas   SSG David Waddell
 12/26/2007  Corps of Engineers in Herat Support Afghan National Police    Thomas Basinger & LTC Kurt Floyd

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