USACE - Afghanistan Engineer District

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 Date  Program Location  Type
 4/13/2007  Ministry of Defence Installation Management Mentor  Program
 4/13/2007  Afghanistan and Tajikistan Bridge Project  Project
 4/13/2007  Rabia Balkhi Women's Hospital  Project
 4/13/2007  Afghan National Army Program  Program
 8/27/2004  Kandahar ANA Brigade  Project
 7/30/2004  Herat ANA Brigade  Project
 7/19/2004  Gardez, ANA Brigade  Program
 1/15/2004  U.S. and Coalition Forces Program  Program
 1/15/2004  Counter Narcotics and Afghan Police Construction  Program
 6/23/2003  Darualaman ANA Brigade  Project
 12/31/2002  Pol-e Charkhi, 1st and 2nd Brigade  Project